Thursday, September 22, 2016

#MomsMeet NeilMed Naspira Review

There is nothing more frustrating to a new parent than having a sick child. Your baby is sick, stuffed up and they won't stop crying. Are they sick? Are they teething? We have all been there and there is no doubt how helpless that makes any parent feel. The question is "how can I help my baby that can't help themself?" The short answer; Naspira®! 

What they company says a
bout NeilMed® Naspira® : 
    • NeilMed® Naspira® Nasal-Oral Aspirator is the world’s most uniquely designed nasal aspirator system that safely and effectively suctions baby’s and toddler’s stuffy, runny or congested noses

    • With the unique, transparent 2-in-1 design, you can either use it as a NeilMed® NasaBulb aspirator or as an effective Nasal-Oral suction device, where parents can use suction force generated by the mouth to alleviate nasal congestion in babies and small children 

    • The high-grade, all-silicone design allows for easy pull apart cleaning of all components, as well as sterilization through boiling water or microwave disinfection protocol

    • The NeilMed® Naspira® Nasal-Oral Aspirator includes 7 in-line disposable filters to prevent mucus from inadvertently entering the tubing and reaching the user’s mouth

    • The retail price of the NeilMed® Naspira® Nasal-Oral Aspirator ranges from $9.99 to $14.99

What I say 
about NeilMed® Naspira®: 
I wish that this was around when my boys were helpless babies! This product is honestly a dream-come-true! Not only is the Naspira® super-effective but its also very affordable. Honestly, I have never seen a product that is so useful! Ever since I used this for the first time with Oliver, I have given it to 3 new and expectant mothers. Truthfully, I won't ever give another baby shower gift that doesn't include the Naspira®. New moms have enough to worry about so I will let the Naspira® give them peace of mind when their precious little one is stuffy.

Where to Buy: 
NeilMed products can be found at Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Harmon, Kinney Drugs, Shop Rite, Brookshire’s,,,, and

**I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program (greenmomsmeet. com), May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of this product.**

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Groupon Coupon

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Raising a family can be quite costly. There are the clothes, the groceries, the school supplies, holiday gifts to consider, then we get into family fun! Getting out and enjoying the world is an important part of our family life.

We are always looking to improve our quality of life while saving cash. Luckily, Groupon Coupons are always available to assist me in that quest.  We can grab a coupon to save at a number of shops from Snapfish to ATT and so many in between!

Anytime I am shopping online, I check out Groupon Coupons to see how much I can save! I love that they even offer an Ebay coupon! How cool is that? Shopping smart saves my family a lot of cash and gives us opportunities we otherwise might have to pass on.

Groupon makes savvy shopping easier than ever, with a few clicks of your mouse you too can start to save on almost everything you can imagine buying! From experiences to clothes and everything in between, Groupon has you covered with awesome savings, which are just a coupon away.

Groupon Goods

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

It seems like we always need to replace something in our home! With a cute puppy and growing boys, sometimes things get worse for wear. Sometimes we outgrow them, sometimes our needs change and require purchases. As you know, raising a family is expensive! It is my duty as a mom to save my family as much cash as I can.

I always turn to Groupon Goods before I make a purchase. From mattress toppers to fairy lights, groupon has money saving ways to make your house awesome! I simply hop over to the site, search for what I want, or browse for inspiration, and with a few clicks I am well on my way to  saving a lot of our hard earned cash without sacrificing our needs and desires!

Groupon is my favorite way to save these days. It is easy, there are so many goods, experiences and events that a family can save money on and I often get new ideas for ways to make our house an awesome home, just by browsing Groupon Goods.

Have you ever used Groupon Goods? What did you buy and how much did you save? Tell me your savvy shopping secrets in a comment!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Happy Healthy Cat Month: Show the World That You and Your Cat Are Purrfect Together

September is Happy Healthy Cat Month—and there's never been a better time to show our cats some extra love. Recently, the cat lovers at Meow Mix ran the Purrfect Together Survey, which asked cat parents around the country about their special bond with their four-legged friends. Here are some of the meow-nificent results:
83% of cats take naps with their humans
This is surprising—and not because 83% of people love napping with kitty. The bigger question is: Who are the 17% of deprived humans who don't get to experience the joy of napping with their cats? 
80% of cat parents believe they can interpret their kitty's meows
While humans and cats may purr in different languages, that doesn't stop most cat mommies and daddies from understanding what their kitty wants—whether it be some treats, cat nip, or just a snuggle partner.
72% of cat parents love to surprise their kitties with treats
Speaking of treats, nothing makes a cat happier than some spontaneous, unexpected goodies from the person who cares for them the most.
55% of cats love chicken-flavored nibbles
Exciting news: Meow Mix has just released a brand new culinary-inspired food made with real chicken or salmon, Bistro Recipes—a classy meal for a classy kitty! Head over Meow Mix's new Purrfect Together web portal  right meow, and you can download a coupon for $2.50 off any bag of MeowMix Bistro Recipes. 

And that's not all! You need a classy painting to go with that classy meal. On the Purrfect Together portal, you can enjoy the unique experience of converting a photo of you and your cat into a Meowsterpiece—a digital "oil" painting that helps express and immortalize your cat-love on canvas. I did it, and you should too!
Now it's time to show me how special your human-cat bond is! Post your Meowsterpiece on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #PurrfectTogether. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.
Wishing a fantastic Happy Healthy Cat Month to you and your feline friend!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Van's Foods #NationalWaffleDay Giveaway

Before becoming a mother, I never knew that it was possible for two children to be so dissimilar. Dexter is such a kind boy who loves eggs any way you can make them. He prefers egg dishes for breakfast over most anything else. Oliver, on the other hand, is a waffle guy through-and-through. He loves filling each little square with copious amounts of butter and honey until it comes cascading off the side of said waffle. To Oliver, every day is Waffle Day in our house.

Today, August 24th, is National Waffle Day. How did Oliver celebrate? With 3 whole wheat organic Van's waffles. How did Dexter celebrate? With 4!

Some of our favorite waffle topping include: strawberries & fresh whipped cream, peanut butter and bananas, yogurt and berries, butter and honey or syrup or if I am feeling particularly sassy--lingonberry jelly and extra butter!

Just in time for back-to-school, Van’s recently completed a study of 1,000 moms, asking how they experience mornings. They put it into a cute infographic for you to enjoy! Luckily for me, I don't have picky eaters. When the boys were first born, Jason and I made it our mission to start eating the foods that even we weren't crazy about because we didn't want our tastes to reflect onto the boys. We wanted them to be open and willing to try new foods without reservation. What did that do for us exactly? It proved to me that I absolutely LOVE brussels sprouts and asparagus unlike I previously had thought. It also created wonderful eating habits that has the boys begging for fresh fish, liver sausage, roasted veggies and many other foods that most parents won't even bother trying to coax their kids into eating.
I normally don't buy prepackaged foods because they're usually laden with chemicals and preservatives but Van's has been a trusted name in my house for quite some time now. Why? Because of their commitment to health and quality. Learn more about their excellence commitment here.

In celebration of National Waffle Day, I have partnered up with Van's to giveaway some coupons for you to try their waffles for yourself. Choose from their Belgian, gluten-free or whole wheat organic. How can you go wrong?

Comment below with your favorite waffle topping for your first entry. Then enter on the form below. Ends 9/8/16 GOOD LUCK!

Van's Waffle Giveaway

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sweet Savings on Huggies Little Movers

Diapering is without a doubt one of the biggest expenses parents will face. It seems that once you little one becomes a little mover, the amount of diapers you will use nearly doubles. All of that wiggling and jiggling can make a diaper sag or completely fall off in the case of my youngest.

That is why we use  Huggies Little Movers diapers. These offer unbeatable protection against leaks and they stay put. No sagging or dragging. Just a dry and happy baby, ready to learn about the world through exploration and movement!

Of course, beings Sam's Club members has its perks, like extra savings on brands we love, like Huggies Little Movers. Right now, you can save an extra $3 off your next purchase of Huggies Little Movers at Sam's and drumroll please.... you can also enter to win $500, which would go a long way towards that great diapering expense!

Huggies Little Movers are available in sizes 3 and up to size 6 to fit your little mover as he or she grows! Your kids will love the fun designs and you will love the protection and extra savings at Sam's Club! I love the convenient packs at Sam's. Getting the entire months worth of diapers in one box is pretty awesome, you have to admit!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Huggies Little Movers Special Savings

There is nothing like a newborn baby. It is so easy to get swept away in the sleepy promise that is evident on the face of a tiny baby! When my boys were small, I could spend hours just imagining the people they would grow to become. From their beautiful eyes to their sweet sensitive skin, to the way they smelled and their soft sighs, the experience has been nothing short of magical!

Sam's Club is the perfect place to stock up on Huggies brand products to help keep baby's sweet soft skin clean and to help prevent some diaper disasters too! Huggies Little Snugglers and Natural Care Wipes were our favorite brands to use and I know many other families feel the same way. A Little Snuggler diaper is basically like giving your sweet little one a second hug!

Not only is Sam's a convenient place to shop, but you can save so much money on your Huggies Little Snugglers and Natural Care Wipes. Immediately, a Sams Club Member saves $3. But right now you can score a $10 e gift card when you purchase 2 Huggies Products! I don't know about you, but with growing boys, saving money is always a good thing! Spending less on a quality product like Huggies means we can get out and go more often!

Huggies Little Snugglers provide unbeatable leak protection and a comfy snug fit. I never worried about diaper rash with this brand. We have used Huggies Natural Care wipes regularly through life's stages with growing boys. While they may outgrow diapers, boys never outgrow a mess that a Huggies Natural Care wipe can't help with!

Why does your family love Huggies brand products? If you aren't a Sam's member you can join here and start taking advantage of the savings Sams Members can enjoy on their Huggies purchases!